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Duct Sealing & Testing

Leaky ducts have remained an invisible energy inefficiency culprit for years. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that duct inefficiency ranges from 30-50% in most U.S. homes. Locally, utility companies have stated that the average home has duct work that is leaking around 27%.

Many air duct systems are improperly installed or get damaged during home construction or remodeling. Additionally your attic ducts can become aged over time and in dis-repair, or maybe damaged due to critters in the attic. This can cause punctures and cracks along ducts, leaks around connections, and gaps around vents and air intakes. All of these duct problems result in the release of conditioned air into the attic instead of your home.


We start by inspecting doing a visual inspection of your duct system, then we can perform upgrades and repairs that will make your duct system perform at its best:

  • Seal and repair any damaged ducts and rejoin loose connections in the duct system.
  • Seal the furnace, air returns, plenums and registers
  • Perform a Duct Blaster test to measure the efficiency of the air traveling through the ducts
  • Perform an Air Balancing test – to measure system performance of the duct system
  • Blow insulation evenly thoughout your attic to reach at least 15-18 inches of insulation (R38)
  • Install batting at knee wall or vaults
  • Install Solar Powered Attic Fan
  • Clearing all debris from soffit vents