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July 25, 2019

When certain parts of your home deteriorate and break down, it becomes pretty obvious. A broken window, a leaky roof, a failing dishwasher — these all come with pretty clear warning signs that it’s time to update. But since most homeowners don’t consider their attic insulation that often, it can become a little less obvious when their insulation has stopped doing its job keeping you and your family comfortable all year!

Did you know that the role of insulation reaches far beyond just keeping your home warm during the winter here in Austin, TX? Proper insulation should also keep the infamous Texas heat out of your living space during the summertime. At Green Collar Operations, we talk to many customers that seem lost when it comes to answering questions like “How long does insulation last? What does bad insulation look like? And how much insulation do I need?” We want to shed some light on the four common signs that your attic insulation may be in need of removal, and replacement.

1. Unreliable Indoor Temperatures

Is it nice and comfortable in your living room, but hot and stuffy in the kids room? Do you feel the change in temperature as you walk up the stairs to the second floor? Room to room inconsistencies is a tell-tale sign that your attic insulation is failing or outdated. The better your attic insulation, the more stable the temperatures will be throughout your home. 

2. Rising Energy Bills

One of the first indicators your attic insulation has deteriorated is an increased strain on your heating and cooling system, which will show up in the form of a higher-than-usual energy bill. Even throughout the summer, the insulation in your attic should be keeping your indoor temperatures stable.

3. Indoor Drafts

The inconsistent temperatures in your home can also lead to indoor drafts. The heat from one room will want to follow the cool air in another, causing your home to feel drafty. This can also be caused by air leaks in your home’s construction, that are allowing for outdoor air to infiltrate your home.

4. Pest Infestations & Moisture Issues

Water damage will render fiberglass insulation useless. If you have had a leak in your attic or any other moisture buildup has reached your attic insulation, it will no longer be able to effectively keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. Attics are also common places for pests to make a home, and the cozy nature of insulation can be inviting to creatures like:

  • Mice 

  • Rats

  • Roaches

  • Small birds

  • Other insects

The Importance of Professional Insulation Removal

Before you make any decisions about installing new insulation, make sure your insulation is removed by a professional. As outdated insulation is removed, it can kick up harmful particles like mold and asbestos. Hiring a professional insulation removal company like Green Collar Operations will ensure that you and your family do not inhale any of these particles. Plus, Green Collar Operations can prepare your attic for proper installation of your new insulation materials, so you can get the maximum benefit for years to come!

Start With an Energy Audit!

Just like with any other home performance project, it all begins with having the right information. At Green Collar Operations, our team of building science experts knows that each home will come with its own unique insulation problems and solutions. Scheduling an energy audit will uncover any issues with your attic insulation, as well as any other home performance issues that may be undermining your home’s energy efficiency and overall comfort before we begin. Plus, during your energy audit, the Green Collar team can point you in the direction of any rebates or financing you may qualify for to help with the costs related to your insulation upgrades!

Is your old attic insulation the culprit behind your high energy bills? Find out, with a professional energy audit from Green Collar Operations. Schedule yours by calling (512) 986-7045 or you can contact us!

How can you know if the attic insulation in your Austin-area home is failing you?

With an energy audit!

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