At Green Collar Operations it is our priority to keep our customers and employees safe by following recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines and adjusting our business procedures as necessary. As a precautionary measure, anyone working on behalf of Green Collar Operation, including our installers, is being asked to stay home if they feel like they are a threat or are showing signs of sickness or are feeling sick. Fortunately, our jobs/installations are largely in attics, crawlspaces and other locations away from occupants. Yet we are providing our technicians and other field employees with additional health and safety guidance to assist in keeping our customers and employees safe. We are all in this together and it is no doubt very difficult, but keeping calm can help you feel much better physically & mentally in this time of uncertainty. We will do our best to make your home feel more comfortable with energy efficiency upgrades and it will then be ready for the warm months ahead.

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September 27, 2018
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The conditioned air that is delivered from your heating & cooling system is expected to lose some of its energy through the thin walls of your ductwork. But with proper ductwork insulation, your home stays comfortable and energy efficient

Non-Insulated ductwork

-Leaks and gaps allow for air to infiltrate the unconditioned spaces in your home

-Long runs in ductwork lead to high energy loss

-Temperature differences create condensation, which promotes mildew and mold growth.

-By the time your conditioned air reaches the vents, you’ve lost up to 30% in energy costs.

Insulated Ductwork

-Ductwork is properly sealed before insulation installation, preventing any air leaks.

-Insulation prevents the majority of energy loss during air flow

-Condensation does not form on insulated ductwork

-Your conditioned air is delivered just as you need it, saving you in energy costs

Minimize your home’s energy loss – insulate your ductwork with the Austin, TX home performance specialists at Green Collar Operations

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