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March 28, 2018

As the temperatures here in the Austin area continue to rise, so will the humidity. For many of us — it’s not just uncomfortable, but also unhealthy because of its effect on air quality.

How Indoor Air Quality Influences Your Health

When you’re outside and there’s a high pollen count, if you’re prone to allergies, you’re going to be sniffling and sneezing. When you’re indoors, the same idea applies — but can be even worse since pollutants indoors are more concentrated than those outside.

When you’re inside with high concentrations of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dust, mold spores, pet dander, and other contaminants, it’s hard to breathe easy. Whether or not you’re actively experiencing symptoms like headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, and even skin irritation, all of those indoor air pollutants are making their way into your system and affecting your immediate and long-term health.

The Effect of Humidity on Indoor Air Quality

During the scorching summers that the Austin region experiences, humidity levels can also get out of control. With all of the excess moisture in the air, the following can occur more readily:

  • Mold spores and dust mites, as well as other allergens grow and thrive

  • VOC (volatile organic compound) levels may be higher

  • Infectious bacteria and viruses spread and multiply more easily

When humidity is affecting your home’s indoor air quality, you might notice particular problems such as odd smells or health symptoms such as headaches, wheezing, eye irritation, and other allergy and asthma-related concerns.

Solutions for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Controlling humidity in your home starts with comprehensive air sealing and insulation. By closing up all the small gaps and cracks in the building envelope, you prevent humid, outdoor air from making its way in. Insulation also prevents heat transfer which helps to minimize the chances of condensation buildup. These measures aren’t only effective in reducing humidity for healthier indoor air quality — they’ll also help to keep your home more comfortable and energy efficient so you save on your energy bills.

Another essential method for controlling humidity here in the Austin, TX area is a high-efficiency air conditioning system. When your AC is properly sized for your unique home and its cooling needs, it will be able to dehumidify your living space appropriately.

Improve your home’s indoor air quality and your health by controlling humidity. Give the experts at Green Collar Operations a call at (512) 986-7045 or contact us today!