June 6, 2019
what does a healthy home look like infographic green collar operations

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A healthy home isn’t just healthy — it’s also comfortable and energy efficient. Here’s how Green Collar Operations can help turn your house into a healthy home

Start with an energy audit

We’ll begin by assessing your home for any issues and design a plan to effectively resolve them. Your energy audit report will detail out our suggestions to improve your home’s health, comfort, and energy efficiency

Make improvements with a whole home retrofit

Air sealing

Stop unwanted outdoor pollutants and moisture from making their way in while keeping your living space comfortable

Duct sealing

Dirty, unsealed ducts spread pollutants throughout your home. Sealing and cleaning your ductwork will work to improve your home’s health


Prevent heat transfer and avoid condensation issues with sufficient insulation throughout your home

Combustion Safety

Ensure proper ventilation from combustion appliances to prevent the potential for carbon monoxide buildup


Efficient systems with clean air filters will help to keep your space comfortable and your indoor air quality healthier


Prevent excess humidity and moisture buildup with dehumidification to improve comfort and indoor air quality


Avoid high concentrations of indoor air pollutants by bringing in fresh, clean air

Air purification

Eliminate pollutants and contaminants from your home’s air to breathe easier and keep your home healthy

Ready to make your home healthy? Get in touch with the experts at Green Collar Operations today.

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