man shivering indoors breathing into grey gloves
December 18, 2017

No one wants to feel chilly at home in the middle of winter, yet that is exactly what many Austin area homeowners experience when they have indoor drafts. Our customers often ask us, “What’s causing those drafts in my home, and how can I get rid of them?” The answer is more complicated than you might think; but with the help of a home energy efficiency expert, you can find out exactly what’s causing those drafts and eliminate them for good.

Find Out with an Energy Audit

An energy audit will help you get to the bottom of home comfort issues such as drafts. In just 45 minutes, you can have an energy efficiency expert complete a comprehensive visual inspection of your house, including your heating and air conditioning systems, duct system, insulation, and attic ventilation. After the audit, you’ll learn more about the deficiencies that are undermining your home comfort, such as air leaks and insulation gaps. Then, your energy efficiency expert will point you to improvements which will make your home more comfortable. If you want to find out exactly what’s causing those drafts in your home, there’s no better way than through an energy audit.

It Could Be Your Attic

Many homeowners look to their windows and doors the moment they feel a draft, but often the problem actually lies overhead. This is because many attics are under-insulated and riddled with air leaks. Attics like this allow warm air to rise and escape through the roof, creating a vacuum effect which sucks cold air into the home through weak points in the home’s exterior. To eliminate this vacuum effect in your home, it’s important to make sure your attic is air sealed and insulated properly. Air sealing closes the holes and gaps that allow heated indoor air to rise into your attic, while insulation creates a thermal barrier that keeps indoor heat down in your living spaces. When your attic is properly air sealed and insulated, you’ll notice a major difference in your home’s overall comfort.

Make Your Home Cozy Again with Green Collar Operations

Drafts don’t have to be an everyday nuisance for you. With help from the experts at Green Collar Operations, you can diagnose your Austin area home and make improvements which will make your home cozy once again. It all starts with a free 45-minute energy audit!

Stop putting up with cold indoor drafts. Call (512) 986-7045 or contact us to schedule your free home energy audit!