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March 12, 2019

So your Austin home has become increasingly drafty, your heating and cooling bills are higher than ever, and you suspect that it might be your outdated insulation. But where do you start, and what are your options?

If you’re looking for answers as to where insulation will be the most effective for the climate here in Austin, Texas, you’ve come to the right place.

How Insulation Works to Keep Your Home Comfortable

The primary goal of the insulation in your home is to stop the transfer of heat energy from one space to another. Whether you are trying to keep heat inside your home during our Austin winters or prevent the outside heat from infiltrating your conditioned space during a hot Texas summer, proper insulation should keep your home at your preferred temperature all 12 months of the year. So where in your home is all this insulation supposed to be? Here’s what our professional insulation experts have learned in our time making homes in the Austin, TX more comfortable and energy efficient.

In The Attic

The attic of your home is one of the most important places to consider when it comes to insulation. In the winter, as you turn up the thermostat temperatures to keep your home comfortable, the heat from your furnace will rise into your attic through the ceiling. Without the right amount of properly installed insulation, that heating energy will transfer into the attic and escape through the roof, and your furnace will kick into overdrive to replace that heat. This increases the wear and tear on your heating system and keeps your heating bills much higher than they need to be.

Existing attic insulation is be prone to deterioration, pest infestations and moisture damage over time, and, if damaged, should always be professionally removed. Green Collar Operations recommends upgrading to new fiberglass batt insulation for its cost-effective heat resistance, easy installation, fire resistance, and soundproofing properties. The “batt” in fiberglass batt refers to the pre-fabricated rolls that this insulation comes in, and though installation requires less machinery than blown-in or spray foam insulation, fiberglass batt insulation should be installed by a professional in order to ensure proper heat energy resistance.

Wall Insulation

The insulation within the walls of your home can go a long way in keeping the room to room temperatures consistent throughout your home. Inconsistent application of insulation in your outside walls can lead to any number of cold or hot spots, depending on the time of year. Further, improperly installed wall insulation can fall or settle over time. This is why we prefer professionally installed fiberglass batt insulation for this application. Don’t let that late afternoon summer sun cook the west facing parts of your home! Proper wall insulation can do much to slow the transfer of heat energy into your home and while paired with air sealing can do much to keep your cool comfortable conditioned air in.

Have a Basement or Crawlspace? Insulate It!

Though basements and crawlspaces are uncommon and often forgotten about here in Texas, they can be an extremely important cog in the wheel of your overall home performance. This area underneath the home can allow for unwanted outside air to infiltrate, turning your floors icy cold in the winter, exasperating the stack effect all year round, and possibly even throwing off the balance of your duct system.

Don’t Forget About Air Sealing

After your home has been properly insulated, it is imperative to make sure there are no air leaks present in your home. Insulation will go a long way in keeping your family comfortable and your energy bills low, but if the conditioned air in your home is able to freely escape (or outside air is allowed to infiltrate your living space) then your insulation will be significantly less effective. We always recommend completing insulation upgrades and air sealing services at the same time for maximum energy savings and comfort.

Austin’s Local Experts for Insulation Upgrades

Local expertise is integral to the success of your upgraded insulation installation. At Green Collar Operations, we take pride in knowing the climate trends, housing designs and home comfort needs of our customers, because they are our friends and neighbors. We know how to stay comfortable here in Austin because we are from here! So trust your insulation upgrades with the local pros, at Green Collar Operations. And if you’re not sure whether or not your insulation is outdated, schedule an energy audit!

If the time has come for new insulation, trust the pros at Green Collar Operations! Call us today at (512) 986-7045 or contact us.

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