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Duct Replacement & Design

You don’t want your attic cooled by your air conditioner…
How do you know when your attic duct work needs to be replaced? The most common duct work problem is uneven home heating and cooling. Because duct work carries the heated or cooled air to every corner of your home, a lack of comfort in one room or floor is usually a sign that the duct work is having a problem in that part of the house. Torn duct work result in lost temperature controlled air, which raises your bills as your system works harder to maintain a comfortable temperature.

For example, if your second floor is much warmer than your bottom floor in the summer, the ducts may not be getting enough cooled air upstairs. If you notice that your home comfort system isn’t working as it once did, with generally lower air flow into each room and higher energy bills, it may be a duct work problem.

The duct work in your home is vital to the comfort and air quality of people who live there. Remember, your duct system keeps warm and cool air moving throughout the year, both in winter and summer. However, at a certain point, you may notice problems with your duct work that cannot be fixed by duct sealing. If that’s the case, replacement may be the best option. So in many situations it might be a better long-term solution if the existing duct system is completely replaced.

Duct design is one of the most important components of your Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Each duct is sized to carry a certain amount of air so that it can properly cool or heat a room. Also all duct airflow combined should equal the approximate output of your HVAC equipment. Sizing ducts correctly will make your home more comfortable, more efficient and increase the life span of your equipment.
Most HVAC systems are installed with undersized or improperly configured duct work. Usually it is very easy to make adjustments and reconfigure them so that you can enjoy the full capacity of your equipment. This included adding additional ducts or returns if needed.

Worn or improperly routed duct work can be problematic in many ways. We regularly provide expert duct replacement services to Austin area homeowners, we use Mylar Flex duct with an R8 value. Call Green Collar Operations for help in replacing some or all of your duct system 512-986-7045